The Ultimate Sleepover Checklist: Essentials for a Night of Fun

Step 1: Pick A Theme ✅

We know planning the perfect sleepover is not for the faint-hearted. While juggling so many kids, activities, food, and decor for the evening, you could easily forget a thing or two. Keep this checklist on hand, so you don’t forget all the little and the big details!

A party theme is guaranteed to make your party stand out and will help you stay on track throughout the planning process.  Use your child’s interests and favorite things to guide your theme. Whether that be a Parisian, Ice cream, Sports or even Galaxy-themed slumber party.  Plan decorations, activities and invitations around the theme, which will not only make your party look cohesive, but also impress your guests!

Step 2: Invitations and Guest Lists ✅

Now it’s time to choose the guests! We recommend giving your child a limit, then letting them choose who to invite. Remember, you’ll need a lot of room to host everyone—so we recommend keeping the guest list small.  Once you’ve narrowed down your guest list, create some fun invitations.  Make sure you send out the invites well ahead of time, have plenty of information and offer contact details so parents can get in touch if they’ve got any concerns.

Step 3: Create The Menu ✅

Now that you’ve decided on the theme and guest list, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to feed your youngsters!  Sleepovers can be a lot to organize —so our tip is to keep the menu nice and simple. Pizza is always an easy-peasy party pleaser. Otherwise, you could consider sandwiches, hot dogs or nachos.

A snack table or station can be fun with a mix of sweet and savory items, as well as some healthy options. Be sure to gather any allergies or dietary needs from the other children’s parents ahead of time!

Step 4: Organize Sleeping Arrangements ✅

Plan where you’re going to set up, the living room is a good option. This will give the kids plenty of space and is likely an easy access point in the house, that will make keeping an eye on things easier even if you’re not in the same room.  If they’re older and you have a finished basement – that can work too! 

Setting up individual sleeping teepees is a sure fire hit! It will have even the most excitable of kids counting down to bedtime, and they look extraordinary 🤩!

Step 5: Plan The Entertainment ✅

You’re going to need something to keep your partygoers busy. Having some activities prepared ahead of time will stop the kids from getting restless and keep the fun rolling!  Classic slumber party activities such as movie marathons and fun dance playlists are a good place to start. You could also get creative and have the kids make their own sleeping masks, paint canvases, make bracelets.

If you’re not afraid of a little mess, they can even decorate their own cupcakes!

Step 6: Going To Sleep ✅

Having a group of excited kids all in one room may mean getting them to sleep is a challenge. Once you’ve got them in their pajamas, prepare some activities to lull them into sleep (Turn off the TV, dim the lights, play a soothing night time playlist).  Prepare some pre-bedtime kits (sleeping masks,  a small stuffed toy essentials parents may have forgotten like a toothbrush or a hairbrush!).

Step 7: The Morning After ✅

Although you may be thinking about the night time aspect, slumber parties also entail the morning after! 

Get the kids up and moving at a set time so you can fit in the whole morning routine before parents arrive. Have some fun and light morning music to play while the kids get dressed and gather their belongings. Expect everyone to be a little tired after the previous night’s festivities, a nice and simple breakfast will do! 

Now that you’re prepared and ready to plan your perfect sleepover – let us help you make it unforgettable!