Sleepover Party Deluxe Tent Rental

Immerse yourself in the magic of our designer-themed sleepover party tents! No age limits – these enchanting tents are perfect for everyone. With over 15 themes to choose from or the option to design your own, personalize your sleepover experience. Select from a variety of colors and designs to match your style, ensuring a night of enchantment and endless fun for all ages

About this Package

Introducing our Sleepover Deluxe Package - a bespoke experience that combines designer-themed tents, comfy air mattresses, quality linens, and captivating decor. Transform any space into a dreamy wonderland with carefully curated themes that promise an unforgettable and magical night for you and your guests. Elevate your sleepover experience with style and comfort, creating lasting memories in a whimsical setting.

What's Included:


Service Delivery:

lanterns deluxe party add ons tiktok theme


Rental price: $3.00

glitter placemats add ons for deluxe party package

Glitter Placemats

Rental price: $2.00

balloon garlands add ons for deluxe party package

Balloon Garland

Purchase price: $200 + Tax & Delivery for Party of 5

birthday tent balloon garland add on for deluxe party package

Birthday Tent Balloon Garland

Purchase price: $100 + Tax & Delivery

balloon number mosaic add on for deluxe party package

Balloon Number Mosaic

Purchase price: $130 Each + Tax & Delivery

balloon garland cluster add on for deluxe party package

Balloon Garland Cluster

Purchase price: $25 Each + Tax & Delivery

LED Star

Rental price: $5 Each

Birthday Lightbox - Customized

Rental price: $10 Each

Personalized Sleep Masks

Purchase price: $12 Each

personalized satin robes add ons for deluxe party package

Personalized Robes

Purchase price: From $25 Each

Long Sleeved Pajama Set

Purchase price: From $37.5 each

Short Sleeved Pajamas Set

Purchase price: From $37.5 each

Personalized Slippers

Purchase price: $15 Each

Fuzzy Slippers

Purchase price: $25 Each


Rental price: $7.00

Floor Cushions

Rental price: $10.00

Pajamas for Dads

Purchase price: $40.00

Personalized Robes for Dads

Purchase price: $40.00

SuperDad Throw Blanket

Purchase price: $40.00


Get the fun vibes!

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