Don’t Miss The 10 Most Popular Girls Birthday Sleepover Party Themes

The extensive list of girls’ birthday party themes might be overwhelming but don’t worry, we have created a Top 10 list that is guaranteed to make your girl’s birthday party a special celebration to remember. There are many classic themes like Princess and Unicorn parties but choosing a trendy theme like TikTok could throw your birthday girl to cloud 9!! If your girl’s birthday is in the month of February when the United States is celebrating Black History Month to recognize the achievements of African Americans and their central role in U.S. history, having a Glorious Black Girl Magic themed sleepover party would be inspirational. Browse through the following themes and you will definitely get super excited with our new and trendy sleepover party themes to easily plan the dream birthday party your daughter will never forget.

#1 Princess Girl Power Theme Party: Daughters mean the world and are beautiful princesses to their parents. So they have got every right to celebrate their birthday in a royal way. The Girl Power Princess party theme can be a great choice to celebrate the birthday of your gorgeous princess and inspire her to feel her power.

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Girl Power Princess-Sleepover

#2 Unicorn Theme Party: Unicorns are everywhere and are a symbol of magic. Everyone loves this colorful theme for a birthday sleepover. The Magical Unicorn Sleepover theme has been trending for the last few years and has become a classic dream party, girls love to celebrate their birthday sleepover with their friends. This beautiful party theme will set the stage for the most imaginative sleepover ever.

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#3  Bohemian Romance Theme Party: Bohemian Romance is a very popular feminine party theme for years and it continues to enthrall kids incredibly. 

If you’re looking for a theme to uniquely decorate your girl’s birthday party, then look no further and set up the most imaginative sleepover ever.

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Bohemian Romance Theme Party

#4 Tik Tok Theme Party: TikTok a huge hit among the tweens. Everyone has got it installed on their phone and especially girls seem to spend a lot of time watching the latest memes, and trying the TikTok dance steps. For the last one year, the popularity of TikTok parties is showing no sign of coming down. 

Plan for a Tik-Tok theme party for your girl’s next birthday and she will have a lasting party experience with her friends.

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#5 Mermaid Theme Party: Let the little girls be mesmerized by the magical world of mermaids. The Mermaid theme is increasingly popular among the kids as a timeless birthday party theme. 

Let the kids have a fun-filled party inside the house or venture out to gaze at the stars for the ultimate glamping experience. You can include some gorgeous ideas, such as stunning balloon garlands and under the sea-inspired eye-catching birthday cakes.

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Mermaid-Magic Themed Party

#6 Black Girl Magic Theme Party: An exclusively for girls sleepover theme that is inspired by the book “GLORY: Magical Visions of Black Beauty!” and is designed to inspire, honor, and embrace the beauty of Black heritage. The perfect way to celebrate that Black Girl Magic. Glorious Black Girl Magic Themed Sleepover Party let’s the girls’ creativity shine through canvas art which was a celebration of natural black hair!

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#7 Enchanted Garden Theme Party: If the weather permits and you can host your party in your backyard. Set up the tents and decorate them with flowers and butterflies. Something that is whimsical about a garden-themed sleepover party is recreating the beauty of springtime with all the pretty flowers and soft pastel colors used to decorate and bring a lasting memory to the kids.

An Enchanted Garden sleepover party is a wonderful option to celebrate the birthday of your little girl with her friends. Use the colors from the flowers to coordinate your entire party theme so that everything matches.

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#8 Pop It Theme Party:  This is yet another trending idea throughout the last year and kids are still going crazy for a Pop It theme party.  

Kids will enjoy the entire party time playing with these colorful pops of different shapes and sizes, this is why Pop It parties are still in demand.

If your daughter is a tween, you must try this theme and she’ll certainly get excited and love the Pop It themed party!

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#9 Paris Dreams Theme Party: If you are flooded with ideas but not sure what could be the best one to pamper your princess on her next birthday then a Paris-themed sleepover party is just magical. Let the kids be whisked away to a dream Paris vacation in a glamorous tent adorned with chic accents of pink, purple, and black. The Paris-themed slumber party represents the city of love in every detail from bouquets of pink roses, designer eye masks to matching pillows.  Your princess will definitely have loads of fun with her friends on her special day.

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Paris-Dreams Theme

#10 Glow Party: Get in on the glowing fun! A Let’s Glow Crazy sleepover will light up the night! Our neon-themed tents and decor illuminated by black lights, glow sticks, and blinking, flashing, light-up objects, set the stage for a night full of fun with friends. The memories will last a lifetime!


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