Tent Sleepovers: The Extravagant Party Kids are Craving in 2022

As the pandemic is under control, slumber parties return, and the hot trend now is individual tents. Sometimes the production process and costs keep parents awake at night but Sleepover Party Shop is helping parents to host The teepee sleepover parties well within their budget yet without curtailing the party extravaganza.

Extreme sleepovers are the most awaited events for the kids and it is just the right moment: After a year of lockdown, parents are eager to entertain their kids while still being safe and cautious. Having kids glamp out in the backyard, “especially now that it’s nicer out,” is one way to address the situation as kids were the worst affected groups during the past restrictions and lockdowns. But as a majority of the kids above 12 are vaccinated now, parents are willing to allow their kids for closer gatherings, especially for sleepover parties with their known group of friends. Kids find the stage set by a teepee sleepover party is just an amazing way to blast all night with their friends.

While some of these sleepover events can cost the same as a small wedding, you can find more affordable options. Sleepover Party Shop Rentals, with locations in the NYC and New Jersey area, can outfit a sleepover for five, including tents and mattresses, starting at $200. The company also offers various themes with designer decor, personalization, exclusive pillows, balloon garlands, favors, and activities for larger parties, and add on low profile picnic tables for an indoor or outdoor teepee picnic!. Many parents who host many sleepovers throughout the year are opting to buy rather than rent. Understanding these requirements, Sleepover Party Shop also sells some beautiful party tents at great prices. You will find specially designed tents for many themes including Unicorn Dreams, Girl Power Princess, Mermaid Magic, Ice Cream Dreams, Superhero, and many more. The company also sells customized party favors for any tent you rent or buy from them.

These kinds of accessories help you to decorate the tents and are considered the key to a great sleepover. The matching pajama sets, face masks, balloon garlands, birthday banners, goodie bags, etc. change the party vibe and push the kids to a wonderful dreamland. There are varieties of party accessories specifically designed for a particular theme available at Sleepover Party Shop.

Check out our Free Ideas to keep the party going:

Make Your Own Pizza: 

Letting kids make their own pizzas is a time-honored tradition, but that can mean turning your kitchen into a mess in the process. Having any compact pizza oven will keep your kitchen, as well as the kids cool and super engaged.

A Movie Night: 

It isn’t a sleepover without at least one screening of a movie, especially a girl’s sleepover party. Set Up a good quality home projector with a better audio system, and a screen where the kids can enjoy their favorite movies.

Blindfolded Makeover Games: 

If it is the birthday of your little princess then let her play the Blindfolded Makeover game where the girl who is giving the makeover has to wear a blindfold while she applies makeup to another girl. The results of the messy makeup are hilarious! Afterward, clean the girls up and have them give each other real makeovers.

Slumber Party Scavenger Hunt:

A scavenger hunt is a great game for a sleepover and you can totally customize it for the age of the girls, whether it’s indoor or outdoors, and what types of things would be fun to hunt for.

You’ll find a list of items to look for in a traditional scavenger hunt, as well as a list for a photo hunt and a collection hunt.

There are numerous ideas that can transform a sleepover into a dream party that the kids will remember forever. Sleepover Party Shop helps the parents with glamping style teepee tents and free DIY ideas. So make your next sleepover as amazing as your kids. Buy or rent the sleepover tents and accessories and visit the party shop for more party accessories and favors.