Sleepover Ideas For the Most Festive Christmas Ever!

We look forward to this magical season every year but do you know what makes the best time of year even better? A sleepover party! What better way to spread that cheer than by throwing a wonderful sleepover for your kiddo and their friends? Deck out your house with Christmas decorations that set the mood to host a wonderful sleepover. Take a cue from these creative and festive sleepover ideas for spaces big and small, indoor and outdoor. Whether you prefer traditional party décor or something a bit more out there, we guarantee you’ll find something you want to recreate your dream Christmas party for your kiddo and their friends. Choose a Christmas theme or another fun favorite. We’ve put together a list that’ll fill your kid’s sleepover with the holiday spirit.

1) Bust out the Holiday Matching PJ’s:

Holiday Matching PJ’s

It’s pajama jammy jam! Snap some picture-perfect memories and get ready for a night of fun. The Pajama Party theme can set the stage for the most imaginative sleepover ever. The glamping style teepee tents, party decor, and coordinating beddings could be good enough for a VIP sleepover experience. A bucketful of arrangements to be done beforehand to make the kids rock on the party night. So it will be a clever stratagem to rent or book a sleepover package from Sleepover Party Shop in NYC and NJ. Inquire about the Christmas and holiday themes with a photography package to make the magic happen.

2) Watch A Christmas Film:

God bless us, and everyone!! The sun is hiding on the other side of the world and the New Year is buckling up. The season is changing and so is the mood. When the jingle jangle of Christmas bells and the fall outside gets you in the spirit, don’t let the winter holidays just pass by without watching some Christmas movies. Let your kids with their friends have a movie night getting cozy inside the glamping tents. List your kid’s favorite movies and getting it ready for the party night could be a wonderful surprise. Here are a few of our favorites:

3) Sing a Song & Dance to Holiday Hits:

“Silver bells ringing and sugar plums dancing…” Nothing sets the holiday mood quite like the sound of music. Fire up the karaoke machine, play names that tune, freeze dance, or just vibe to the music. Get a list of holiday hits that will keep the sleepover party jingling with fun all night long. Here are some of our favorites:

  • “Deck the Halls” by Pentatonix
  • “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey
  • “Let It Snow” by Dean Martin
  • “Silent Night” by Kelly Clarkson
  • “Winter Wonderland” by Jewel

4) Create a Cupcake Bar: 


Sleepovers are full of fun and festive! Kids will dance, sing, watch movies, and love to eat some beautifully decorated cakes and ice creams. Set out an array of plain cupcakes, different types of frosting, and an assortment of toppings for this yummy and fun holiday sleepover activity. These adorable birthday sleepover food ideas that the kids are sure to gobble up.

5) Organize a Christmas Scavenger Hunt:

Activities are on and the kids will have a lot of fun. But when the winter wonderland is just too cold, bring the playtime inside with an indoor scavenger hunt! Choose a hunt that’s geared specifically to be done inside. Print out the list below with fun Christmas theme riddles and clues and let the kids start hunting.


6) Create Your Own Spa:

To all of the princesses, bring on your power! A night adorned with glitter and glam in shades of pink and gold will create beautiful memories you’ll never forget. A spa-themed party is an exclusive sleepover for girls that brings the spa to the home. Hosting an at-home spa sleepover will give your princess and her friends the chance to indulge in mani/pedis, refreshing facials, and maybe even a relaxing massage — all at very little cost.

7) Get Crafty WIth DIY Creations:

Christmas Crafts

Keep the little ones super engaged. Having some easy craft ideas could be supercharging and boost the kids’ creativity. Bracelet making, melted beaded ornaments, and more creative fun Christmas crafts can enhance your party.

Christmas slumber party

Plan your Christmas slumber party and give a fun-filled experience to your child. Kids will enjoy these ideas and many more activities with our sleepover parties! Don’t be stressed, just contact Sleepover Party Shop to buy or rent the designer themed tent setups to set the stage for the most magical sleepover ever. Soft air mattresses, luxury decorative cushions, personalized name signs, and many more items are available in our Retail Party Shop that you need to throw a magical Christmas celebration. Visit Sleepover Party Shop and get your favorite theme-based party today!