How to Throw a Fabulous Sleepover?

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What you need to throw a fabulous sleepover?

Let’s be honest, the idea of 5+ kids sleeping over is a DREAM party!!!! However, for mom, anxiety can easily set in. What will they eat? Where will they sleep? How do I keep these kids entertained for double/triple the time of a normal party? There seems to be a zillion things that need to go into executing the epic, unforgettable sleepover that will give kids something to talk about for weeks on end (and we know how much they like to talk)!

Don’t fret, we’ve made it easy for you! Here’s what to do:

1. Choose a theme!

Having a planned theme gives the night an instant boost of unique energy. It also makes your sleepover way more memorable. A theme will anchor your sleepover so that picking invitations, decorations, activities and even food will be easier! Here are some popular sleepover themes:

Bohemian Romance Theme
Let's Glow Crazy Theme
Paris Dreams Theme
Ice Cream Dreams Theme
Barbie Theme
Game Time Theme
Outdoor picnic setup with Enchanted Garden theme teepees
Enchanted Garden Theme
netflix and chill party theme
Netflix & Chill Theme

2. Choose how many children will sleepover!

This is another important step. Why you ask? Because figuring out your budget and activities likely depends on how many kids you have sleeping over. For instance, an activity that you can easily do with 5 children may not be achievable with 12. An easily manageable number of sleepover guests is somewhere between 5-7. If you host more than 10, be ready for a bit of insanity (I speak from experience)!

3. Tents or sleeping bags? 

Glamping with tents is all the rave! Tents will transform your “regular sleepover” into an “epic and magical sleepover experience”. Now that you have a theme, it’s time to choose tents and decor that will bring life to it! Choosing a company that provides tents as well as bedding, pillows and tent decor will simplify your life.

4. Food!! 

Guests will be eating almost non-stop. Whether your planned drop off time for guests is before or after dinner, be prepared to have a solid meal (and this can be pizza) along with lots of snacks (more on that later). Pizza is an easy choice, perhaps pizza and a salad. Another easy choice in pasta. Maybe penne with vodka or alfredo sauce and chicken tenders or wings. Meatballs and Spaghetti. Order takeout that even picky eaters won’t turn down. The takeaway here is make it easy on yourself, but make sure there is enough for the girls to snack on or heat up throughout the night!
Within the food category is the all-important sweets and treats! I’m a fan of a sweets table,

Especially a themed one because it will be sure to impress your guests and your pictures will be fabulous! The table doesn’t have to be huge, what’s important here is creativity and the WOW factor! Choose a cake or cupcakes, you likely won’t need both. Cakepops and cakesicles are both popular and easy to add toyour theme. Rice Krispy treats, candied apples, chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries are all good options. Popcorn is a MUST, I mean what’s a sleepover without popcorn?

You can’t send the kids home the next morning hungry!! So, yes, you need to add breakfast to your menu. Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to infuse your theme into food! How about some unicorn pancakes or a mermaid waffle bar? 

5. Party Activities:

  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Photobooth with fun props
  • Dance Party
  • Wind down with a movie
  • Departing favors in line with your theme are a great idea to leave a lasting impact with your guests.