Celebrate Father’s Day: 6 Unforgettable Teepee Party Ideas

As the month of June rolls around, we can’t forget about all the amazing Dads that do so much for us. We’ve outlined a list of six different themes to help celebrate all the hard working Dads! From SuperHeroes to a Galaxy far far away, we’ve got every theme that you could think of. Have a professional photographer come to any of these parties and add on custom backdrops and props for the cutest pictures with Dad or even better – invite the whole family for a photoshoot. 

1. Dads are the Original Superheroes - Superhero Theme

As Dads, you do so much for the family. To celebrate just how much we love you and all that you do, tonight you get to be the superhero! Get matching superhero capes and masks to show that Dad too can be a hero. Save the night by making your own comic strip with your kid(s). Grab some paper, colored pencils, and scissors and let your imagination run wild. Afterwards, watch out for the bat signal to start your superhero themed scavenger hunt! Wrap up the night with an episode of The Superhero Squad Show!

2. Head in the Game - Sports Theme

If you’re a sports fan, this party is for you! Spend the night relaxing on the couch with your little one munching on chicken wings and watching your favorite team’s game. Get a custom jersey for the night in the color of your choice with your name on the back. Whether it’s hockey, baseball, basketball, or football you’re sure to have an amazing night with beer in one hand and wings in the other.

3. Level Up - Game Time Theme

Power up with this fun video game themed sleepover party. Get custom temporary tattoos for your favorite games along with a drink in your gamer cups that you can sip with your gamer straws. After slurping down your beverage, suck on your video game themed lollipop. Make your favorite Minecraft character out of paper squares and rent some fun video games to end the night on a high note.

4. Express to Hogwarts - Harry Potter Theme

Get the magic going with this Harry Potter themed party for you and your kids. Put on his famous glasses and robe, and draw on that famous scar tattoo. Decorate the table with otherworldly plates, cups and tableware. Play quidditch in real life (without the flying part), make potions with slime and partake in a scavenger hunt to take down Lord Voldemort.

5. A Universe of Fun - Galaxy Theme / Space Jam Theme

Reach for the stars with this space themed sleepover. Kick things off with fun straws and temporary tattoos. Paint your dream spaceship and color in space themed posters. Decorate the room with extraterrestrial balloons before kicking off a star light dance party. Create your own rocket and launch it outside before ending the night with some relaxing stargazing.

6. It’s Show Time - Netflix and Chill Theme

Sit back and relax for a movie night with our Netflix and Chill theme. An easy way to stay organized is to have a personalized caddy that can hold drinks, candy, and popcorn for all your snacking needs. If you’re a fan of both sweet and savory popcorn, set up a popcorn bar that can cater to everyone’s wants and cravings. 

Do you have another theme or color palette in mind for your Father’s Day celebration? We would love to help you Design Your Own theme and make it a party to remember! Email us to plan the perfect surprise for Father’s Day.