Awesome Ways to Host a Dream Sleepover!!

Outdoor picnic setup with Enchanted Garden theme teepees

Your little princess’s special day is approaching, and you intend to delight her with a fantastic Sleepover Party. Whether you are hosting a small or large group, there are a few things you can do to make your little guests feel extra special in your home.

Any party at your house can be either a lot of fun or the worst nightmare. A good start is essential, and how you greet your guests sets the tone for the rest of the day. Whether you are hosting a large extravaganza or a simple gathering of your child’s closest friends, there are some key factors to consider so that everyone can enjoy the celebration and leave with a memorable experience.  

Follow the tips below to avoid having one of those disastrous kids’ sleepover parties where everyone wants to go home by teatime.

Let the Invitation Speak for itself:

Once you’ve decided on a theme for your sleepover, start the party with an eye-catching invitation. Let the invitation create excitement in the kids leading up to the big day so that they can’t wait to attend.

Make sure you give your guests enough time in advance to make sure they’ll be available on the big day. If you send the invitations at least a week in advance, parents will have enough time to make plans for their children to attend the party.

Sleepover Party Shop wants every kid’s sleepover to be memorable. We offer a wide variety of dazzling themed party invites to help you create that special atmosphere right from the start. You can find invitations that match your party theme at Sleepover Party Shop.

It’s the big day, and your doorbell could start ringing at any moment.

Your decorations are complete, the teepee tents are stunning, the food is ready, and your guests are on their way. You must want them to have a wonderful time when they arrive. Simply give them a warm welcome to make them feel special and comfortable in your home.

Whether it’s a dedicated welcome area, a gift station, a balloon garland, or simply a friendly smile, it’s important to think about the small details that will reflect the host’s personality and make guests feel great the moment they walk through the door.

Party food for kids:

The most important tip for party food is to keep the dishes simple and recognizable – this is not the time to introduce new foods to party guests. Keep some finger foods and snacks on hand to help with the inevitable sugar rush after the birthday cake. Chicken nuggets, pizza, and fruit salads are fine choices for children. 

Make a note if any of your guests have food allergies and have a plan to provide separate food such as gluten-free, vegetarian, or other alternatives to ensure that no one is left out.

These suggestions may make your food selection much easier!!

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it finger-friendly
  • Keep the food that fits the theme
  • Choose a variety of foods
  • Keep it safe

We know you’re ecstatic as your party guests begin to arrive. You may have planned everything perfectly, but when the kids arrive at your door and the parents drive away, you begin to wonder how you will manage a large group of children into an orderly day of fun.

It’s difficult to predict how children will behave at your sleepover party, but some planned activities will certainly keep them from becoming bored. The suggestion here is to start planning your party early and have a backup plan in place in case some of the activities aren’t to your guests’ liking.

Here are some suggestions that may be useful to you!!

#1. Present the foods in a visually appealing manner:

We’ve learned some nifty tricks from parents when it comes to saving time. A food station is one of our favorite time-saving strategies. Having a food station at your party will relieve you of the stress of constantly topping up drinks and snacks. It also means that the kids can get their own snacks when they get hungry; after all, hungry kids = grumpy kids!

#2. Plan everything in advance: 

Allow at least an hour between setting up your party and the arrival of your guests. It usually takes 1 to 2 hours to set up and style the tents, and you may need a little more time to add your own finishing touches before your guests arrive.

 #3. Select professional decors: 

You may have this arrangement once a year. It is a better idea to choose different themes to add a new flavor to the party. Look at the glamping-style teepee tents and the most affordable party packages offered by Sleepover Party Shop in NY and NJ, and you’ll find one that will leave a lasting impression on your child and her friends. Parents frequently struggle with birthday party decor for their children, but our party ideas and themes may assist you in planning the most fabulous DIY sleepover party

#4. Pick a theme that your child enjoys:

Paris Dreams is a dreamy escape into a magical wonderland. Allow your children to experience a dream Paris vacation without leaving home in a glamorous tent decorated with chic pink, purple, and black accents. The Paris Dreams slumber party represents the city of love in every detail, from bouquets of pink roses and designer eye masks to matching pillows. One of the relaxing party ideas is to take the stress out of your kids and just have loads of fun.

If you want to do something other than Paris Dreams, talk to your child about what they think would be fun.

Some of our most popular party themes are:

  • Girl Power Princess
  • Magical Unicorn
  • Glory / Black Girl Magic 
  • Mermaid Magic 
  • Super Hero 
  • Bohemian Romance
  • Game Time
  • LOL Surprise

#5. Last but not least: the party favors

Take your child’s sleepover party from fun to fantastic while showing guests how much you appreciate their attendance; the secret ingredient is creative goody bags that won’t end up in the trash. Choose party favors that your guests will like to take home with them. Sleepover Party Shop has the perfect personalized goody bags filled with goodies like stickers, sweets, pens, notepads, and other treats. Alternatively, you can include our beautiful silk pajamas with personalized names for your little guests to take home.

We’re confident that your child will have a fantastic time with our VIP party tents, regardless of the theme, style, or food. Nothing will go wrong when you rent our party tents, accessories, and favors. You will feel like a party pro and will have hosted a great party that will be talked about at the school gates for weeks to come.