6 Fun Ideas to Celebrate New Years at Home

Whether you stay up until midnight (or 9 EST) to watch the ball drop or decide to do a Noon’s Year Eve thing, you can still host a memorable bash for your kids. From easy appetizers to creating their own countdown, there are dozens of ways to make the last day of the year one they’ll never forget. Scroll down for a few creative ideas for hosting your own New Year’s bash with the kids.

Whether you are throwing a New Year’s Eve party for kids or just ringing in the new at home with the family, you’ll need a way to keep yourselves entertained until midnight. Plan an evening of fun by choosing a few New Year’s Eve party games that are appropriate for kids (and adults) of all ages.

1. Pajama Party!

Pajama parties never get old and they’re always fun. Camp out with friends or just your family! Watch the ball drop and the new year begin!

2. Make a Custom Countdown + Drop the Ball

Blow up several balloons with the hours left until the new year written on them (IE. Five Hours to Go, Four Hours to Go) and let your kids take turns popping them as each hour passes. Create your own sparkling ball (with confetti) or piñata to pop at midnight.

3. Make It Glow

Turn off the lights and get the party started. Make it glow with a black light, glow sticks and accessories. Our let’s glow crazy party theme shows you just how it’s done!

4. Toast 🥂 with Toast 🍞

When the clock strikes 12, pour sparkling cider for the petite partiers and get ready to toast – with toast! Let your kids have fun putting together their favorite toast (peanut butter and jelly or Nutella or cheese!). They’ll have fun raising a slice to the new year!

5. Scrapbook the Year's Memories

Print photos of fond memories from the previous year. Then, offer each person a blank scrapbook page and materials. They can add their photos to the page, along with written accomplishments from the year and resolutions for the next year. Finally, let everyone share what’s on their finished pages.

6. Have a Game Marathon

If you’re pushing to stay up until midnight, you’ll need some fun games to occupy the hours leading up to the countdown.

🤩 Board games are a great option

🤩 Karaoke is a fun and animated way to pass the time.

🤩 Dance party will keep everyone awake and moving. 

🤩 Two Resolutions and a Lie: Take turns stating three New Year’s resolutions. Two should be real, and one should be made up. Guess which is false. 

🤩 Musical Midnight

New Year’s Eve version of musical chairs. Instead of music, kids circle to the sound of ringing clock bells.

🤩 Photo Memory Timeline

Print out memories from the past year (try to have at least one for each month). Hide them around the house or scatter them on the floor. Have the kids hunt for and gather all of the pictures. Once they have retrieved them all, ask them to arrange them in order to create a timeline of memories.

🤩 Find the Clock

Hide several clocks and set them all to ring at the same time. Once they start ringing, kids have to find them all and turn them off while someone counts down from 10 to 1 (or more depending on a number of clocks).

Happy new year!! We Hope you enjoy these party ideas. Cheers to 2023 and making all your dreams come true.
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