Top 10 Bohemian Romance Sleepover Party Ideas

Hello beautiful 🤩 The Bohemian Romance Theme is romantic and dreamy with all the elements your princess needs for a magical celebration. Let us sweep her away with pink floral accents of gold and ivory tassels and lace. Simply gorg.

Check out the gorgeous details of the Bohemian Romance parties we have curated for our clients.

Sleepover Tents

Our Bohemian Romance party theme can be customized with various tent color options and decor add ons. We can help you create a sleepover setup based on your party vision.

Indoor Picnic Setup

Have a unique indoor picnic with our whimsy Bohemian Romance themed table decor and fluffy pillows. Whether a picnic takes place indoors or outdoors, it is bound to be a memorable experience for all involved.

Party Decor

Signature Bohemian Elements: The Bohemian Romance theme is loved due to its soft color palette and cozy decor elements. To help you plan additional decor for your sleepover, here are suggested items like balloons, party favors, cups and plates. We try to make it easy for parents and clients to plan a sleepover.

Single Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher Kit
Pink & Gold Balloons Kit
Birthday Backdrop
Goody Bag Gift Box
Cupcake Wrappers
Floral Party Supplies Kit

Party Favor Add Ons

Personalized Robes
Personalized Sleep Masks
Bracelet Making Kits
Lip Gloss Kits

Party Activity Ideas

Movie Night: Plan the perfect Movie Night with us. Choose an entertaining movie, get some coordinating PJ’s, set up our designer tents and stay up with your besties all night. It is bound to be an unforgettable Movie Night for all!

Spa Party: Elevate your sleepover experience with a spa party. Create an unforgettable pampering experience with manicures, pedicures and facials for the party guests. Spa services are the perfect add-on to a sleepover extravaganza and they leave you feeling refreshed.

Floral Bar Experience: Add something special to your next event. Flower bars are the perfect activity for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, pop-ups, grand openings or for any occasion. The perfect way to impress your guests while getting everyone up out of their seats for some fun! Pick your cart, colors, personalized signage and decor.

Party Game Ideas

  • Flashlight Tag
  • Charades
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • A Fun Dance Off
  • Who Am I? (Based on headbands / celebrity heads)

If you are looking for ideas to host the perfect sleepover party, we have rounded up our Top 15 Sleepover Party Themes here to inspire you.